Pool & Spa Inspections

RSH Engineering Pool & Spa Inspections are expertly performed by a trusted, certified pool inspector.

  • Level Survey of pool area cliquez pour plus d’infos
  • Surface Cracks
  • Functional Operation of Pool Systems
  • Slope & Drainage
  • Mechanical Inspection

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Termite Inspections

Termite Inspections are conducted by an affiliate licensed termite inspector. Inspections are performed in a team fashion with RSH Engineering inspectors. For example, if RSH Engineering observes wood frame damage in an attic or crawl space, this potential area of concern is communicated with the termite inspector.

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Foundation Analysis

We will inspect walls, floors, slabs, door/windows, drainage and load bearing structures as an integrated foundation system. Our systems approach to the Foundation Analysis creates the basis of complete and comprehensive analysis which aids in locating potential underlying issues

Professional and unbiased inspection for foundation types:

  • Pressed Piers
  • Pier and Beam
  • Post-tension Cable

Reports come with PE engineering seal to satisfy builders or city code reviews.

Upon request, we can provide the following recommendations:

  • Engineered solutions and repairs
  • Installation services
  • Drainage design to achieve consistent moister level
    • Slope, French drain, downspout extenders, gutters
  • Epoxy seals

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Energy Audit

One of the major considerations in a home is the energy efficiency. A house that is thoroughly insulated, properly sealed, and sufficiently vented at the right locations will reduce utility bills considerably which keeps your monthly expenses in check.

RSH Engineering’s Energy Audit is a thorough inspection to determine areas that allow excessive air losses.

  • Insulation checked at ceilings, attic floors and pull-down doors, walls, doors leading to garage(s)
  • Type of insulation used: batts or blankets, loose fill, or rigid board
  • Pipes and air ducts
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Measure temperature difference from inlet to outlet using infrared thermometer
  • Operation/quality of filters, blower motor, coil, and condenser units
  • Attics
  • Check for adequate attic ventilation via ridge vents, soffit vents, attic fans
  • Check for window seals that are broken and air leakages
  • Inspect for adequate/missing caulking and weather-stripping
  • Exterior – evaluate following areas for leaks:
  • Doors, windows, bricks, siding, trim

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End-of-Home Owners Warranty Inspection

This inspection should be performed before the end of the 10th year following the purchase of your home. Some warranties may have specific language on when the 10 year warranty starts (example, at closing or when the home was “completed” by the builder) so be sure to consult your contract and call us to schedule your inspection several months prior to the 10 year anniversary.

Drainage around the foundation: Overall site drainage; Surface drainage at foundation; Crawl space ventilation; Crawl space vapor barrier; Crawlspace moisture; Visual Inspection for evidence of past/seasonal infiltration.

Foundation: Perimeter foundation support walls/beams – check for cracking/settlement/lateral movement/material deterioration/efflorescence.

Foundation: Interior Foundation Support beams/Walls; Beam supports – tipping, buckling, damage; Bearing supports – settlement or heaving; material deterioration

Foundation: Non structural floor slab (crawlspace, garage, etc): Movement or cracking; material deterioration, etc.

Roof System: Rafter Frame/Trusses: Deflection, Cracking, Damage, Material Deterioration

Brick Veneer inspection: Cracking in mortar, bricks, etc.

Sample Report:download-button End-of-Home Owners Warranty Report

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Commercial Inspections

Church, hotels, motels, condominiums, etc. in which you are considering and investment or outright purchase. We can perform a rigorous review of the property so you can enter negotiations armed with facts that would assist you in attaining a fair compensation for the required repairs.

download-button Sample Report: Office Building

download-button Sample Report: Church

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