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Selection Criteria for Good Building Inspection Companies

Before selecting building inspection service providers, it is imperative to check a few details about their business. Some factors that you need to consider are experience, expertise, Building Inspection Cost, services etc. Here is more on the selection criteria for good building inspection companies.


It is best if you choose a company with good, if not extensive experience, in offering building inspections. Inspecting houses and buildings is a technical job. It requires immense technical knowledge and training to conduct thorough and specialized building inspections. So, the experience of service providers matters. With experience, it is likely that the expertise of the inspectors will improve further.

The experience also needs to be relevant to your requirements. Commercial and residential inspections may differ in scope and technique. So, choose a service provider accordingly. For instance, RSH Engineering is a company with over two decades of industry experience in both residential and commercial inspections. You can choose such a company, if available in your local area, for quality services.


The expertise of the inspectors is a very important selection criterion. If you choose general contractors or code inspectors, you are likely to receive mediocre services. On the other hand; if you choose engineer inspectors, you are likely to experience stellar services in the form of rigorous inspections.

Choose companies that hire only qualified engineers for the inspection work; such as RSH Engineering. Yes, this company only works with qualified and trained engineer inspectors. Their engineers also receive further training in case required as per any changes in the building codes.

Engineers are also qualified to offer their clients effective recommendations for post-inspection repair work. They can also create really detailed reports, which can be beneficial for both property buyers and sellers. A detailed report with pictures and videos can be the tool buyers need, to get the builder to fix the issues in a building, before the possession period. It is what the sellers can also use to not unnecessarily reduce the selling price of their properties.


Choose a building inspection company that offers varied and specialized services. If you choose basic services, you may not find them very useful. You may need to opt for another inspection just to get the information you wanted initially. So, it is best to seek specialized services only.

Examples of specialized services are energy audit, final walk-through inspection, foundation analysis, end-of-builders’ warranty inspection, pre-existing home inspection, new home consulting and phase inspection, pool inspection etc.

When you choose specialized services, you only pay for it. You don’t need to pay for the basic inspection service suite (which most companies offer) just to find out some specific information.


Building Inspection Cost is another criterion that is important before you book a service. Send a cost inquiry to the company you are considering. Specify the service you want for an exact quote.

Good companies don’t shy away from sending quotes to their prospects. They will be upfront about their rates, in fact.

Assess if the cost of the service is justified with what you are getting in terms of the service, such as – inspections by engineers, detailed reports with videos and pictures, and specialized jobs.


Before you book a service, remember to assess the company’s reputation. Look for online reviews if available. Check the client testimonials on the company’s website. If the company has its business social accounts, take time to check them for useful information.

Choose a company with a Better Business Bureau rating of A+ and a solid reputation in the industry. Extensive experience and longstanding in the industry is another hallmark of a solid reputation.


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